Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunny Days

Isn't it amazing how one's outlook drastically improves when the sun shines? I never cease to be impressed when my internal stormy clouds get swept away as the bright Colorado sun gently warms my mind.

Here's the deal: All of us have a life to live. Nobody's life is more important than another's, yet the majority of us live as if the daily drama either constantly affects us or we are above it. I say "daily drama" lightly, fully aware that one person's drama is another person's entertainment. In this case I refer to anything that isn't going as planned, which can also be viewed as whatever makes us unhappy. The unhappiness ends up becoming the focus, thus effectively eliminating all possibility of seeing the joy in the process.

So many of us get caught up in the now, and think "if I can just get over this next hurdle [insert financial troubles, relationship issues, deadlines in the office, illness, busy schedules, oodles of emotional-related issues, general frustrations or crankiness, etc.], then I can go on with my life." Life is then put on hold while momentary troubles take the spotlight.

I'm pretty sure our American forefathers had an incredible nugget of wisdom in that very small phrase "The pursuit of Happiness," that so many of us glaze right over: It's about the pursuit. They never promised happiness, nor did they say that it was the end objective! In their God-centered directive as they set the foundation of our country, they focused on the process of living life. At some point during the development of our nation, the focus shifted to the happiness portion (probably early 60's to 70's) and the balance of life was thrown off.

At some point, each of us have to individually make the decision about what type of life we will live. For some, it is an early decision about being happy in the moment. For others it is about the pursuit. For the select few, it's about both. Today, I have decided that it's about both, for me at least. My burdens are lifted as I, in faith, believe that God the Almighty is there with and for me every step of the way. Those stormy clouds in my mind are permanently whisked away while the sunshine leaves it's everlasting warmth as I embrace all of life with joy, acceptance, gladness, gratitude and an expectant heart that every moment is better than the last.

Sunny days, keeping the clouds away....

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