Thursday, December 20, 2007

What will this blog be about?

I have often wondered as to what type of blog this will ultimately become. I keep thinking that since nobody really reads it (yet), I could just put a lot of personal stuff on it and make it more of an online journal. There's the problem though, all my junk will be online, and I have no desire to be one of "those girls." So then I thought I could put lots of funny stories, but it also occurred to me that what may be funny to me, very well may not be funny to you. I also thought I might like to include "deep thoughts" on this blog, which was my original intention- but I don't always feel deep, nor have the capability to be so at all times. It's downright exhausting. I guess this is all to say, that at some point, as I get back on track with writing regularly, it will be a mixture of all three- some personal stuff, some deep things, and then some funny stuff. I hope you find them funny actually, since those blogs will end up becoming a bunch of nonsensical words if you don't find it funny! (Please, do tell me if this is the case)

Lately I've been plagued with a lot of information from many friends, family members, coworkers and strangers. Part of this has to do with the obvious responsibility I have as a bride planning her wedding, but I think the other part has to do with the time of year. As the holidays are in full swing, I've had more than one single girlfriend get sad about being alone...or in one friend's case, wonder if she should stay with her other half or risk being alone during these times. The theme under all of this information bombardment is relationship. I am often reminded as to how important relationships are. Not only do they allow us to find the flaws in our persons so that we can mend them and become (or remain) fully whole people, but they allow us to give and experience love.

Love is what makes the world go 'round. It also has the power to cause a standstill in life, when love ends or one finds themselves without it. It is what makes men do ceaselessly stupid acts in the name of love. The very same thing (love) causes women to float on cloud 9, while walking into incoming traffic. The love of a child towards their parent can be that healing balm that the parent needs after a hard days work. Anybody who is emotionally tired can get their love tank filled by just one hug or kind word from somebody who cares for them (and sometimes they may care for them in return).

Truly fulfilling relationships exist where love abounds. I am not talking about those relationships you may have with co-workers or your boss, or distant relatives. Those relationships serve a purely functional and duty-based purpose. Sometimes they may grow into the fulfilling relationships, but more often than not they remain as they are. True relationships, by definition are "true connections." Without connection, we are isolated...and isolation breeds discontent, selfishness, sadness, depression, etc...basically it is the catalyst for what our world struggles with as a whole.

I know I just hit the very tip of the iceberg of this topic, but I actually need to get going and finish up the duties of the day. So, I suppose one thing that I'd like you to ponder: What are the truly fulfilling relationships in your life? Are you connecting well? If not, is there somebody that you can go to for help in this area, or just to connect with?

Have fun seeking out those little places in life that feel like home to you! Enjoy your day :)