Friday, August 3, 2007


Have you ever noticed that you can be the busiest person in the world, and still be idle? I can recount numerous times of when I'm doing something that I'm not absolutely thrilled about, I have the tendency to let my mind idle away.

Idleness in itself is no fun, as it has a tendency to steal your time and energy so that you are somehow trapped into sitting with glazed eyes, maybe some drool at the corner of your mouth threatening to plunge onto your clean shirt, and free thoughts that your conscious is disposed to throwing out as rubbish. Lately, all that wanders around in my head are trashy and useless thoughts, productive only within the realm of intoxication, but not in sobriety. It makes me upset that I remain intellectually un-engaged for so long. I am starting to grow sores on my body from the lack of movement that corresponds with this stagnant thinking.

Interesting enough, my body reflects what is going on in my thought-life. If I am actively chewing on ideas, philosophies, even daily itineraries that must be kept, my body is actively When I begin to slink into that dormant mentality, my body will no longer respond in a locomotive fashion. Instead, I detect a certain resistance to awakening that fitness monster within me, as if the alive and ingrained healthy portion of myself threatens to take over at all cost.

What the heck am I talking about anyway? What I'm really saying is that, although my day was full of busy activities pre-set by my itinerary that I created last night, my mind was still idle all day, and as a result, I would like nothing more than to sit in front of the TV tonight and watch a movie cuddled up next to my loved one. So, I think for one night, I will indulge that sleepy monster, and snuggle away. Hopefully next time, when I'm busy being my own task-master, I will want to delight the robust exercise-fiend that I know lives somewhere inside of me.