Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be Still and Know That I Am God

As I open up my Denver Book of Prayer, today's reflection asks this question: "How can I be still in God's presence?" I sit, close my eyes, and hope that I'm still. Immediately struck with the image of me sitting in a forest, surrounded with crisp autumn air, a morning mist, and the sounds of animals waking, I feel my body relax. Only then do I notice the hum of my computer fan, and I'm pulled out of my peaceful "happy place" and the question knocks on my heart, asking, "why can't I be still?"

And my inner, quiet, little insecure child's heart says, "Because I'm not comfortable enough to do it alone." You see, I'm a confident woman, who can boldly proclaim things, and people follow. But when people don't follow...when I'm alone walking in the wilderness...I waver. Every. Single. Time. As I pondered this shattering reality, it occurred to me that when I'm in the forest or a glad or something where nature surrounds me, I'm comfortable being still and letting God be God. I'm comfortable because I'm not alone in the "be and let be" attitude. Everything around me proclaims God's glory, majesty, power, creativity, beauty, excitement, life, and wonder. I'm not alone in being confident or boldly proclaiming these things (and more) because everything and every being around me agrees.

How does one take that security, and translate that into the everyday loud, obnoxious, humming, bleeping, crazy, mach 5 world that we live in? I don't know. But I hope today, I might get glimpses of that. Will it be enough to know that out there, creation still agrees with me that God is God? I think so. When in doubt, I suppose I can just quickly shut my eyes and go to my happy place.

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