Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apartment Dwelling

When I was in high school, I would often fantasize about having my own apartment. The realities of hearing your neighbor attempting to finagle with the hot water in their shower while the hot water temporarily graces your shower has made those fantasies quickly dissolve into wishful thinking for my future house.

It really is the funniest thing you know.

Just about every time that I take a shower, my hot water sings at a high pitch before it runs away leaving me shivering under a frigid stream. Inevitably, when my fingertips begin to turn blue, I reach down and attempt to just ever so slightly tweak the "Cold" knob so that it will be just a little bit less, only to find that the shower gods have become angry with me while they send back my hot water with full force.

My already short showers have become even shorter. There have been mornings when my bathing time has been truncated due to the hot water being "out of the office." On these days, hopefully if I've managed to frigidly wash before I step out, I end up washing my husband's hair with water heated on the tea kettle. We then say good-bye to one another in the hopes that our smelly selves will have the opportunity to become clean by the end of the day, when the hot water decides to come back home.

Alas, I believe we will be stuck with increasing such memorable moments as we continue to live in our lovely apartment. One day...*sigh*...one day, we'll be able to leave the land of hearing-your-downstairs-neighbor's-child-crying-at-2am, and we can enter into the blissful world of fixing our own water heater.

I can't wait.

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