Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowy Mondays

Snow snow, go away, come again another day....

We woke up this morning to a lot of snow. Normally I would be thrilled with the prospect of going out to snowshoe or have a snowball fight. This morning I did not experience one of those thrilling moments of anticipation. Instead, I found my mood darkening and a general cloud settling above me.

There are many reasons for this but I suppose the main one is that I did not sleep well last night. I spent the night tossing and turning as I was hot then cold (repeat that cycle about 15 times), while my husband's snores resembled a ticking time-bomb. I half-expected a beeping alarm to commence at any moment as it announced our ill-fated doom! After we completed our morning activities and I sent Chad off to work like a good wife does, I crawled back into bed hoping to awake in a better mood- to no avail.

Normally I am not a "I hate Mondays" person, but today I will join the ranks and tip my half-full glass of (insert the name of your favorite stimulant-ridden beverage here) to those who share my sentiments and wish one and all a fantastic week filled with....better mornings than I experienced today.

Well, I can't complain that much though. I did wake up to my husband turning off my alarm light as he tiptoed out to let me sleep in a bit longer. He did give me many tender hugs and snuffly kisses on my cheek as I slowly woke up after he ate breakfast. I was able to get more sleep and shake off the general fogginess that clouded my mind for a time. And, the morning just finished and Monday is officially half-over. The sun has come out and shines brightly through the gray clouds, creating a blinding ethereal atmosphere that radiates silver in the sky. The snow is no longer falling but rather blowing around from rooftop to ground in clumps and translucent clouds. There is much to be grateful for.

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