Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christianity Today's blog

Just below, you'll find my response to a blog I found just this afternoon on Christianity today. Please read it first before you go on by clicking here.

After you read my response, I am interested in what your thoughts are as well (so please share, comment, email me, call me...send a dogsled after me with a stone-engraved message...)

Thanks for sharing the simple truths of what it means to be a part of a church in transition. My favorite part was the conjuring up of the Charlie-Brown rag-tag Christmas play image, that is now stuck in my head with the theme song played by Silas who is sitting in the back left corner of my mind (blankie placed "just so" across his lap), and Snoopy dancing with his nose pointed to the sky moving back and forth to the music.

My girlfriends and I have found ourselves looking for the place where we call our church home. As we have met weekly to check out each new place, time has taken its toll as each gathering hasn't quite been what we are looking for. One person is more conservative than the other, or the preaching is too something-or-other to quite fit the tall list that I think grows excessively large each time we get out there again.

I appreciate the normal every day occurrences that happen in a church without a building. Do you ever find that you are doing too much? I ask that because I have been an active member of a "homeless" church once, and found that I ended up in leadership for much more than I had bargained- from youth group, to women's luncheons, and then at last to worship- all at the very same time. It exhausted me, and as I slowly stepped down from different areas of leadership, I also took a step back to look at the church and saw things that I had been blinded to because I had worked so much. Ultimately, I ended up leaving there in search of a place where I could call home- a place where the whole church worked together to achieve the same good. In response to that experience however, I found myself more likely to shie away from the churches that met in small places and were a bit less established, for fear of allowing myself to be put back in that situation. So, this is a long way in asking- how do you avoid that?

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